Time Management Methods Master Course

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Time Management Methods Master Course

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6 Steps to Increase Quality Time.

Description for Time Management Methods Master Course

This master course covers a multitude of carefully selected time management methods and shows you the concepts behind the methods step-by-step – plus – what needs to be done such that you can apply these method for yourself. Knowledge of psychological effects, the bio-rhythm, as well as coping with motivational pitfalls (or one’s weaker self) complement the method training. At the beginning, the relationship between time management and self-management creates the right mindset, so that the later use of the methods does not result into a challenging task itself and ultimately costs more time than it saves. Important plus: This course is not only about different methods of time management as such, but also about the interleaving of the methods for a more general and all-inclusive self and time management for yourself as well as in a team.

This specific master course comprises five sub-courses that are available solely as well. With this master course, you get the full content within one package.

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